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THE ELUSIVE MUSE: Journaling your way to writing

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Journal writing is an art unto itself.  But how often do we actively use art in our journals?  We writers are passionate about our journals and notebooks, those sacred spaces where some of our best ideas manifest.  So it makes sense to rig our journals so that they inspire us as much as possible. And what’s more inspiring than art?  Let’s look at some ways we can fuse art with journal writing in order to cultivate inspiration and creativity. 

The Art Journal
Artists keep journals just like writers do. But instead of filling their journals with words, artists fill them with images — sketches and paintings. What happens when we fuse art and words together, when an image is accompanied by a few lines of text or when a paragraph is accented with an illustration?

Words and images complement each other. And since writing is an art, writing and art can live side by side in your journal, coming together to keep you inspired and motivated.

Here are some ideas for merging art with your journal writing:

1. When words won’t come, doodle in your journal instead. You don’t have to be a trained or skilled artist to draw symbols and stick figures.

2. Use your journal to sketch pictures of your fictional characters. Again, they can be stick figures. Use colored pencils to shade in their hair, eyes, etc.

3. Start collecting images that inspire you. Pick up postcards that capture your imagination and clip images from magazines, and then paste them into your journal. Use them as prompts and write about what you see.

4. Practice writing descriptions. Tape an image in your journal, then write a full-page description. Does the description you wrote render the image in the reader’s mind? Imagery is an important element in writing, and crafting descriptions will help you hone your imagery skills.

5. Mix journal writing and art within the pages of your notebook. Draw a little, write a little. Let the words run over the pictures and vice versa. Use light-colored markers to create big, bold shapes and then fill the shapes with words.

6. You can add more art to your journal, too. Jot down your favorite song lyrics. Describe a favorite piece of music. Include your favorite photography. Allow all of the arts to come together by merging journal writing with other creative forms of expression.

And don’t worry about artistry, except when it comes to words. Lots of writers enjoy other arts, but it’s impossible to master them all. Stay focused on writing if that’s your greatest strength, but allow yourself to explore the full potential of your creativity.  

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