Tuesday, April 21, 2015


BIRDS IN “El Paraiso”
A vermilion flycatcher flutters 
around the shrubs, bright
red breast, black head, could
not be more beautiful jumping
from branch
to branch, hiding in the tall trees in
the distance, coming closer 
to my window.  A red slash 
against the blue sky, impossible 
not to admire.  Two grackles walk 
back and forth across the street,
their long black tails sweeping  
the cobblestones, determined 
and purposeful.  Sometimes,
one of them perches himself 
on the dome above the house and calls out
to who knows who - a mate? a friend? us?

Monday, April 20, 2015


1239 North Greenview, Chicago
MAY 3rd at 3 p.m.

Join us for a potluck dinner, the unveiling of a sculptural fence by Miguel Lopez Lemus, and a talk about my art work, writing, and experiences in this country.

The House of the Two Urns is an urban B&B replete with sculptures and paintings and books. Let your eyes and ears feast on the delightful and thought-provoking art and conversation.
Bring your friends and family!

Here is a preview of a poem you might hear Sunday May 3rd:

Women Who Sleep On Stones                                            

                                                (after Lucia Perillo)

are brave and tender at the same time.
They spread their blankets primly and
place a fluffy pillow on one end.  Women
who sleep on stones ignite every night, their dreams
becoming a premonition: brick houses in cornfields,
weather-worn, solid, and dusty?  Their hips creak now.
They can’t rest on their backs. 
They can’t sleep on their bellies, their breasts
ache, squealing like bloated baby pigs. Women
who sleep on stones watch the stars move,
the sun rise, the spider’s web shine. Next morning
they are exhausted, yet glad for their pain:  stubborn
women who sleep on stones.

And here is a sample of a collage you might see:

Sitting and reading - 20 x 16 in.