Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The Summer Program, which runs from May through October, is The Clearing's oldest and the one that most closely resembles Jensen's original folk school vision. The mainstay of the Summer Program is week-long classes, with 25 to 35 students and instructors living at The Clearing, eating family-style meals and renewing their spirit through close contact with the native landscape. The Clearing experience is made up of many special components. The classes, sense of community, forests, meadows, water, sunsets, home-cooked meals, traditions and history all blend to create a wonderful place to learn, relax, reflect and make new friends.




Create stories that read like fiction but are based on real life. Learn how to write a gripping opening sentence, how to use dialogue and bring characters alive, how to incorporate research to add depth to your writing, and many other techniques of successful and interesting creative nonfiction writing. Creative nonfiction is the fastest growing literary genre. The telling of facts in a creative manner amazes readers, astonishes them and teaches them something about real life. Creative nonfiction walks a fine line between fiction and truth with style and confidence. 

In this class, you will read examples of creative nonfiction from an array of authors who write a variety of nonfiction essays: personal memoirs, travel narratives, food reviews, nature essays, the humorous and the serious, short and long pieces. You will study these articles to learn about voice, style and structure. You will have the opportunity to produce your own essay (or essays) for class or to take many ideas to work on at home. In-class writing exercises will assist you in creating and exploring all possible avenues of this genre. Readings and “homework” will also be a part of your day. Opportunities for private conferences with Beatriz will be available as well. The week will culminate in a reading of students’ works.
Go to this link and register now:  http://theclearing.org/current/classes_summer_register10.php?id=32.

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