Sunday, April 1, 2012


After the "winds" came "vestigial organs" and then "Byzantium", "the year 1919 in history", and memoir ideas.  Also, I've been reading a book about the year 1,000 in England and the daily life of the people at that time.  Yesterday I attended a lecture titled "The Book: Past, Present, and Future" by Anthony Grafton.  More ideas surfaced.  

I am fascinated by so many things; I have so many dilemmas and interrogations about historical events, anatomical issues, and everyday circumstances.  I read; I research; I jot down possibilities.  I take notes and draw connections: more questions appear.

What to write about?  What to research?  I love research.  I love libraries. The real brick-and-mortar libraries. Anthony Grafton said yesterday that the book is mutating, changing and libraries will look very different in the future.  He mentioned the Salt Lake City library where there are no books.  And the plans for the New York Public Library to store all the books somewhere, away from the public.  The Internet has taken over and now we Google.  Google has an answer for every and any question you might have.  I google (or is it Google?) too. But reading on the screen is a very different experience.  Studies show that we don't retain as much information when we read on screen as when we read actual printed-on-paper books.  I for one have a difficult time focusing on a text on screen.  I do it.  I use it.  But it's not the same.  

So - to return to my question: what to research?  what to write about?  Any suggestions?

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