Saturday, May 19, 2012


It was raining when the plane landed in Athens yesterday.  Who knew it rained here!  I knew I should've brought my raincoat.  I was blamed for bringing the rain with me from Chicago, the USofA.  It was raining cats and dogs as a matter of fact but, never mind.  Fortunately Maria and John were waiting for me.  It's always heartening to see friendly faces when you arrive in a strange land.  They drove me to my mother's apartment and left.

It takes me a while to get comfortable and used to a new place (even if I have been here many times before).  The dark cloudy sky didn't help matters.  Weather affects me in a major way.  I need sun!  Warmth.  But, never mind.  I'm here and must adapt. 

Today is Saturday, the second day.  Yesterday's biggest accomplishment was getting the Internet going.  My cousin Katerina bought a USB stick to access the Internet and I spent a couple of hours figuring out how to do it and registering and logging in.  The Greek instructions didn't make matters easier.  But, never mind, I did it and here I am.  In the evening Maria, mom and I went to a nifty cafe called Aerostato.  Noisy, kind of smoky (even though you cannot smoke indoors) but fun nevertheless.  Yelled at each other for a couple of hours about politics, life, art (yelled because it was noisy, not because we were angry).  Drank wine, ate little sausages and cheese.  Came home.  Couldn't fall asleep for a long time even though I was exhausted.  But, never mind.  Here I am this morning.  My first blog from the trenches. 

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