Thursday, May 31, 2012


A day of transitions: from Vienna to Athens. Arrived in the afternoon to headache, exhaustion, hunger but after a lunch of pastitsio and an ibuprofen, all is well.

We go to buy a radio for mom. She likes to listen while having lunch. The radio she has now is vintage 1972 Chicago. Lots of crackling sounds, loud volume only. We walk out of the apartment building and stop at a several shops along the way to say hello and talk about Vienna. She knows every shop owner and clerk up and down her streets. It takes a while to buy the radio because we have to tell the shop owner about our lives but finally we do buy one and head to the cafe in the square for a cappuccino. We need to rest after all that talk.

On the way back we stop at the small supermarket and spend a good deal of time chatting, updating everyone on our travels. She buys fruits, milk, wine. The owner and his son offer to carry her bags home. They do that when she's got a heavy load. It is only a block away. Very convenient. Her doctor is also one block away as is everything else she needs. And everyone knows her.

We stop often so she can introduce me: my daughter from America. I smile, say nice to meet you, thank you. I'm on display. Better be nice, friendly, better smile.

In the evening we walk to St. Lazarus Square for a late supper. It's almost 11 pm. We are exhausted!

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