Wednesday, July 4, 2012

REPORT FROM PARADISE: The Clearing at Elison Bay: Fourth of July

"Oatmeal again.  Did Jens Jensen ever eat oatmeal?" David says.   Today they announced that they will exhume Arafat's body to see if he was poisoned?  David proposes that they exhume Jensen's body to see if he ever ate oatmeal.

It is cool here despite the hot temperatures elsewhere.  We sit outside the Visitor's Center to capture the WiFi.  David, impatient as usual, talks and I can't write.  Today we played hooky.  We had supper at a restaurant in town: Pastavino.  Bellini for me, perfect Manhattan for him, veal picatta, Sicilian steak, pasta.  I wonder if they looked for me at the family table.  After every meal, teachers report on what they're doing and what they will do.  If they yell at me tomorrow I'll blame David.

The class goes well.  Some resistance to my methods but all in all, a good bunch.  I am however very tired during the day.  Is it the teaching?  morning and afternoon?  I can't explain it. 

Later we'll go see the fireworks on Gill's Rock. 

No sunset to watch today.  The sky is gray this evening.  Last night we drove all the way to Fish Creek. Every time we passed the lakefront we saw a crowd watching the sun set.  What's up with that?  How many times can you watch a sun set?  A mystery...


  1. I'll take the rap! It was a perfect perfect Manhattan.

  2. Skipping out is so cool! Bellini's remind me of Venice and Rome and if you can't be in Venice or Rome, a Jens Jensen setting is the next best thing.

    Teaching is exhausting...I have always thought so.

    1. The bellini was delicious. And I am very tired now. One more day.