Friday, July 6, 2012

REPORT FROM PARADISE:The Clearing at Elison Bay: Day Six

This is our last full day.  Tomorrow, after breakfast, we have to move out of our rooms and leave.  If you are still here at 9 a.m. they give you a broom.  If you're still here at 9:30, a toilet brush.  Rooms have to be cleaned and ready for the next bunch.

Yesterday's heat made for a difficult play-watching in the evening.  The Peninsula Players theatre is in a garden, by the lake.  An ideal location!  The Nerd is a comedy of errors: kind of silly, kind of funny.  The end redeemed it from being completely stupid.  We enjoyed our time at the theatre complex and met a nice couple from Minneapolis when we sat at a table in the garden to eat our supper. 

This morning's class went off without a hitch.  I gave the students a copy of my poetry collection.  Tonight they will read some of their work in the show and tell session after supper.  The stained glass class will show their creations as will the watercolor journal class.  I'm not sure what the landscape design class will do.  That's the class David was originally signed up for but later changed his mind.  As an independent scholar he hiked by himself, biked, read, and discovered plants, flowers, trails, the Cliffhouse. 

In the afternoon I looked at one of the students' works for a private consultation.  I am done teaching here.  Now we'll have supper and a final session.  Afterwards, the fireworks from the Fourth of July will be displayed.  Let's hope there is no rainstorm again.  No windstorm.  Just quiet breezes and colorful lights.

Door County is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas in Wisconsin.  The towns that dot the shore on the bay side and the lake side offer quaint shops, plenty of good food, and beaches full of sand. 

Tomorrow I'll be back in Chicago, at home.  It'll take me time to readjust since I've been gone for a while, on and off, since May.  I'm a bit tired of packing and unpacking.  I'm ready to settle for a while.  And now I must sign off or the mosquitoes will eat me alive.  See you soon!

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