Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'M STILL HERE - the three weeks project

Sorry I missed yesterday.  In the wee hours of Saturday however I became very ill with vomiting and other types of problems.  The culprit?  I believe a couple of spinach pie pieces I had earlier in the day.  I spent the day eating crackers and plain white rice, on the couch, working on feeling good enough to play with Oliver and Adelaide who were here for the holiday weekend.

Besides the children, a new puppy came to stay for the weekend.  And the parents, of course.  The house filled with screaming, crying, laughing.  David and I realized how quiet our house usually is.  I can still hear Adelaide's screams and cries.  She enjoys having tantrums I guess because she had a few every day.  That too shall pass.  I hope so because they're coming back in two weeks.

Despite the anarchy I loved having them here.  They're so smart and funny.  And loving.  I didn't have children but I have amazing grandchildren.  Isn't that a kicker?  Besides them, there is Ezri who lives in Chicago and comes over once a week.  I take her to the Merit School of Music just like I took Oliver in earlier years.

Thanks David for making me a grandmother.  I guess I have another reason for thanksgiving.

Sometimes it's hard to be a curmudgeon.

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  1. Thanks for the plug. At least I made one grandmother feel happy yesterday.