Tuesday, November 27, 2012


*    "Closure" - who came up with that crap?  Every time someone is killed the family needs closure.  Let's find who did it.  Let's punish him or her.  We need closure.  How in the freaking world does that provide closure?  And what the heck is closure?  You can't forget what happened.  You might put it away in a corner of your mind but the absence is still there.  Will always be there. 

*    Waiters who keep refilling my coffee cup after I have only taken one or two sips - Let me finish it first before you screw up my carefully balanced proportion of milk and sugar.  Stay away until I ask you for more.

*    Busboys who want to clear away my plates before I am finished eating - why do restaurant managers force the busboys to remove and clean tables as soon as possible?  I'm not done yet.  Let me finish!

What are your pet peeves?  Tell me.


  1. When you are getting on urban transit, like the Ell or in Toronto the TTC and there are like three seconds to enter because the doors close so quickly...and the person/s in front of you, the moment they get in they slow down to a molasses loiter in the door like they were the only person in the world so you have to shove them to get in. And then they get snarky.

  2. A propos closure...on one of his early shows with his mum Gloria, Anderson said, with reference to his brother's death. "There is no closure. Closure is a TV word."

    1. I like that last one! I didn't know. But it's true. It is a TV word.