Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Although I've lived in this country since 1970, I still don't get this "Thanksgiving" thing.  Well, no, I get it.  But - what's all the hoopla about?  And eating turkey?  I've been reading the Charles Mann book 1493 and today I learned that the Powahatan came to the aid of the starving colonists but it was December and it was not turkey. 

Gratitude should not be something we express once a year.  It is not something we should express gorging ourselves with fowl and carbs.  It is not something we should show by eating ourselves into oblivion and drinking ourselves silly and falling asleep in the middle of the day on the couch.  And then...then comes "Black Friday."  What kind of insanity is that!?

In the news I saw people lining up outside stores starting Monday in Los Angeles.  They are sleeping in tiny tents and waiting for their relatives to bring them some turkey and stuffing on Thursday so they can be first in through the door of the Best Buy or Walmart or whatever store they plan to invade as soon as the doors are unlocked.  Waiting in line outside for four days so you can buy a tv or a computer?  Sleeping in a tent so you can be the first to get a "deal" on something you don't even need? 

Are there other places on earth where this happens at some time during the year?  I can't imagine - but if you know, please let me know.  I'd like to shake my head in disbelief and laugh as I do with the people here.

I confess: I don't like the "holidays."  Such pressure!  So much hullaballoo (sp?)!  And for what?  Presents, sales, food, drink, songs, decorations:  be happy or else!  Can't wait til they're over.  January can't come soon enough.  Of course, then I have to deal with freezing cold and snow up to my ears but, who knows, maybe this will be a mild winter.  Maybe.  I can always hope.

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