Friday, December 21, 2012


The end of the world is here.  I know you don't think so but I just saw it on my news feed: the NRA calls for an armed officer in every school.  In every school?  Yes, every single elementary, middle, high school in this country should have an armed officer to prevent more shootings.  

Or, perhaps, what will happen is that the armed officer will engage in a gun shootout with the next killer right there in the hallway or the playground and boom! - children and grown-ups will be caught in the middle of it.  

I call that an apocalypse, don't you?

Let's all of us carry a gun in our purse or pocket.  Yeah!  let's.  It won't take long before we're all gone from this planet.  Or at least from this country.


  1. You could see that one coming,though, air marshalls and now this. Thanks, NRA.Good grief.

  2. ...and I thought you were talking about the apocalyptic end of the world Beatriz...but you are talking about the real end of the world. mk

  3. Maybe a campaign like the one against smoking would work, convincing the children who would then go home and pressure their parents to get rid of weapons. Did you read Natalie Angier in Science Times on infinity? Maybe somewhere out there is a planet ilke ours but without fire arms. If there is, I'd like to go there.