Monday, January 14, 2013


My friend Betty says she likes Hollywood (Florida) because there are people from everywhere here.  "Just like Rogers Park," I say.  And the waterfront is near too.  We arrived yesterday after a long, delayed flight and a bit of "lost in transit" because David refused to look at a map or ask for directions.  At last! we made it to the Atlantic Sands Suites, less than half a block from the ocean, the sand, the broadwalk, and all the French Canadians who ramble up and down at all times.

This is our fourth time in this part of the world and the third at the Atlantic Sands.  It's almost like home here.  We know the neighborhood and our neighbors - Betty and Jon, we know the oceanfront and downtown Hollywood, we like the weather (who wouldn't? it's in the high70s-lower 80s).  I love to sit in the courtyard and read while people walk by or sit and chat. 

In the morning we go over Jon's suite for coffee and croissants while Betty exercises at Curves; later I sit on the beach and snooze until a crow disturbs my peace, cawing, cawing.  The ocean is angry; the flags are red and purple, meaning undertow and sea life.  After lunch we play Scrabble (I lose, Betty wins) and then David and I drive to downtown Hollywood and stroll on the Boulevard.  We've been here many times before and compare notes on new shops, gone shops.  Plenty of Argentine restaurants to feast on meat and empanadas. 

Chocolada looks like a good place for a coffee this afternoon.  I have an iced cappuccino while David sips a Romanian beer (and smiles at the young, pretty waitress).  Before leaving we purchase pastries for tomorrow's breakfast.  It'll be our turn to host our friends for breakfast.  Back home we enjoy drinks before heading out for dinner.   

The first full day is gone already.  Tomorrow?  More sun, more ocean, more good food, and perhaps some birding, some rambling on the broadwalk, more reading and writing. 

Gotta go: Jon is here for his drink.  Til tomorrow.


  1. My brother Ted, his wife Eva, and three children moved to Hollywood in 1979 and lived there until 2004. All except, Stacy, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, now live in Orlando.

    Ted's and Eva's house was within walking distance from the ocean and I have lot's of memories walking over the bridge from their house to the ocean and promanading up and down the ocean front. I was last in Hollywood in the Fall of 2011 (Stacy's grand daughter was baptized and the reception was at Georgios in Hollywood). Can you believe that Stacy is a grand mother of two? Enjoy the stay and say hello to Betty, Jon and of course, David. mk

    1. Nice memories. I know Georgios. I'll be sure to say hello.