Wednesday, February 13, 2013


A ruby-throated hummingbird drinks nectar from the feeder hanging near me.  The breeze shakes leaves, makes them fly around, some fall over me.  The pink-red bougainvillea sways and the pines make circles against the blue skies.  We've arrived in San Miguel de Allende and are staying in a charming casita next door to Bruce and Mary Carruth's beautiful house.  We are sitting in the loggia listening to the water fall in the small pond next to us.  Today was the welcome lunch for faculty where we were thanked for our participation.  Sun shines warmly.

The last four days were spent in Guanajuato, an hour away from San Miguel.  Lovely historic town with winding streets and narrow alleys, colonial buildings, friendly people.  In the evenings the students come out dressed like medieval troubadors and sing songs while a group of people follows them singing.  We visited the university and the Cafe del Atrio, we had drinks at the rooftop bar of Hotel Boutique 1850, took a cab to Plaza San Fernando.  One night we climbed many steps to dine at El Gallo Pitagorico where, unfortunately, the food made me sick. The view however was magnificent. The next day was spent mostly resting and eating nothing.  Today I am fine however and glad to be well since tomorrow morning I have to teach a workshop at 9 o'clock - bright and early.

Tonight we'll hear a lecture by Cheryl Strayed and then visit our friends - Mike and Sharon - for her birthday.  Many Americans here, some are even friends of ours.  Go figure...More later.


  1. How nice (except for the getting sick part). Wish I were there. mk

    1. Yeah, getting sick is no fun but I'm ok now (knock on wood).