Friday, April 12, 2013


     After every meal or snack, I track what I ate on my iPad.  The Weight Watcher's eTools count the points.  Fruits and veggies are zero.  You can have as many as you want.  When I play tennis or walk, I track.  That lets me eat a few more points.  Today I walked for a couple of hours, training for my upcoming Avon Walk to end breast cancer.  The walk will be a long one: 26 miles the first day, 13 miles the second.  Tomorrow I'll start wearing the ActiveLink doo-dad that records every move I'll make: walk, get up, run, sit down, climb stairs, everything.   

     Last Saturday I participated in the first training walk but didn't make it all the way to Navy Pier.  The wind was blowing something fierce on the lakefront, waves almost splashing me as I made my way South from Belmont.  At North Avenue beach I turned West and walked to Clark Street.  It had been an hour of painful wind on my face but I kept on.  The others were long gone, walking faster than I can.  I don't mind.  I'll walk at my pace and finish when I finish.  It's not a race.      

     The eTools and the ActiveLink record everything I do, everything I eat, everything I drink.  Will they track my words too?  My thoughts?  Is there a training plan for creating a good essay a week?  a powerful poem?  If I track how many stories I write a month, does anyone care?  How many points do I get for a knock-out piece of writing?  

     There you go: something to invent, a new App to cash in.  Unless it's already out there already but I don't know about it.   If any of you know something, please pass the information along.  

     More tomorrow on tracking and training.  And life in general.

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