Thursday, August 1, 2013

BACK IN THE TRENCHES and almost back home

This week in Athens we went out every day despite the unbearable heat.  David and I visited the Acropolis Museum, the City of Athens Museum, Aegli, Glyfada, Monastiraki, among others.  We also went to see a movie one night.

The heat, though dry, renders me unable to do much, at least during the middle of the day.  Today fortunately it has abated and a strong breeze helps to keep me cooler.  As a matter of fact, this is a windy place.  In Sifnos, the wind blew table clothes and napkins into the sea, tumbled glasses and signs.  In Athens, it blows curtains out off balconies and slams doors.  The wind is an important element in daily life.  It is measured in "bofors"  and spoken about by everyone - from taxi drivers to housewives.  I suspect "bofors" are a measurement called "Beaufort", but I have to research that.

David was very impressed with the Acropolis Museum and coined it the best he's ever seen.  It is a grand structure with ruins underfoot you can look at while walking.  The glass floors allow you to see the excavated sections left intact.  The same is true with the Metro.  There is a whole other city underneath this one.  An old, venerable city that was probably a lot more livable.  

Today the demonstrations came back to Athens.  We were in Syntagma after our visit to Monastiraki and Public (a store that combines books, electronics, music, etc.) and the streets were closed, no trolleys or cars, can't go home.  Fortunately we walked a few blocks and caught a taxi that went around and brought us back.  The demonstrations can be a big nuisance.  Although I sympathize with the marchers and support their cause, they make it difficult to maneuver for a visitor.  Tens of tour buses were parked alongside the streets waiting to deliver their passengers back to their cruise ships.  I wonder if they made it on time.

Tonight we'll go somewhere with mother.  Tomorrow morning we leave for the USA.  It has been a month of experiences, lessons learned, fun times, difficult times, worthwhile times.


  1. Can't believe it has been a month already. Must include Athens in my bucket list if for no other reason than to see the museum. Safe travels and see you soon. mk

  2. Yes, you should see it. See you soon.