Friday, September 13, 2013


A year ago today I 
lost my best friend.  Sonia 
was (is) my "sister by choice".  It seems 
impossible that a year has gone by 
One year, 365 days without 
her voice on the phone every day 
(or every other day), twelve months without 
going shopping at TJMaxx or 
Marshall's.  It has been a year of 
not meeting her at Panera Bread for lunch 
and long conversations about her latest 
kitchen counter dilemma or my newest 
stressful chat with mother.

This afternoon I will go visit her.  The day 
is sunny and windy.  I will step on the grass, gaze 
at the flowers surrounding the pink stone, 
and remember.

I will ask the eternal questions: 
what is life?  
what is death?  
where do we come from?  
why are we here?  
where are we going?  

I will have no clear answers.

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