Sunday, December 29, 2013


My almost-7 year old grandson discovers texting.

First time:

Cell phone rings.

Hello, I say.

Hi nana!  It's Oliver.

Hi sweetheart!  How are you?

Can we text?  I want to have a conversation.

Sure, I answer and chuckle.

OK, bye. He hangs up. 

After a few minutes, the first text message comes: How are you?

I'm fine, listening to music and cooking. What's new with you?

I busted open my geodes today.

Is that good or bad?

What do you mean?

I mean - is it ok to bust open a geode?

...Time passes with no text...

Dinner is here. I have to go. See you later.

Second time:

I'm reading in the afternoon when the cell phone squeaks.  Text message.

Hi nana!


Do you want to text?


Ok, I lost my tooth today.

How did it happen?

I have to go shower now.  See you in a sec.

After a few minutes:

I'm back.

That was a short shower.  Are you clean?

Yes.  So OK, I was in a bouncy house and...I have to go. See you in a sec.

Haven't heard how the whole tooth loss affair ended yet.  That was yesterday.  I'm sure he'll text me again today or tomorrow to finish the story.  

As the cliche goes: they grow up so fast!

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