Tuesday, December 31, 2013


     The year ends on a cold and snowy note.  More is promised.  I confess: I am not happy with the accumulations of snow, the lowest temperatures, the frigid wind.  I've been advised to take up a winter sport to find the beauty of it like skiing or snow shoeing but - what can I say? - I can't wrap my head around the "fun" of those things.  Perhaps it has to do with my right leg's limited capabilities, my right foot actually.  Which makes driving a car practically impossible as well.  (More on that in the future.) Or perhaps the fact that I come from warm weather people and places.

     This studio attic I sit in is the only place where the snow on rooftops appears attractive.  As they say - nice to look at but...The Chicago skyline however always astonishes me and more so, at night, when the lights are on: white, red, green, blue, depending on the time of year.

     I know I'll be here for a while yet, walking gingerly on snow and ice, feeling the sharp wind on my cheeks, wearing layers and layers and heavy, puffy coats that prevent movement for the most part.  I know I'll live in Chicago for some time.  Writing about it and taking photos makes the unpleasant bearable.  

     And staying indoors as much as possible.


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