Monday, January 13, 2014

    Hooray! the sun is out!  These are the same rooftops of last week.  No snow, no grey: just red brick, trees, blue sky, and sunshine.  I never thought weather affected me as much as it does before these last few years.  

    Is it because I'm getting older?  

    Is it because I've lived in Chicago for over 40 years?

    Certainly the weather in general hasn't been that bad with a few exceptions.  But I am just not equipped to live with grey skies, icy cold air, snow/ice covered sidewalks.  I am just not any more. Ten, twenty years ago, thirty years ago I just grinned and bore it.  Donned my boots and hats and heavy coats and went out to work or to school every morning.  Waited at bus stops shivering, trying to stay out of the arctic wind.  Walked on slippery streets gingerly.  And I did it.  

    Not anymore.  I just can't do it anymore.  So - hooray for the sun and warmer temperatures today.  Let's hear it.  I even opened the door to the roof in my attic loft because it was too warm.  Can you imagine that?

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