Monday, January 6, 2014

    It never fails.  Once I start looking for something that I never thought about before, a whole slew of stuff falls on my lap, or comes up on my screen.  So - I started reading "Wanderlust" as part of the research to write an essay about not driving. I asked people who do not drive to send me their thoughts.  And yesterday a friend calls my attention to a "Car free poetry anthology". Looking at that website I discover an online journal "Carbusters: Journal of the Carfree Movement."  Ain't that something?

    Take a look at the journal:  Who knew!  I always felt alone in my carless status.  I always thought I was missing something because of my inability to drive.  In these U.S. of As, not knowing how to drive a car is tantamount to having three heads and a tail.  What?!  You don't drive?  Why not?  What kind of weirdo are you?  I'm not kidding.

    Browsing said journal I find out that Groningen is the world's cycling city.  More than half its population ride bicycles to work every day.  Groningen is in the Netherlands, the sixth largest city, not that big I grant you.  But what's more peculiar is the fact that I've been to Groningen.  About ten years ago I attended an academic conference and spent time in the city.  Lovely, Dutch, good shoe shops, friendly people.  


    So - "Carbusters" promotes bicycling as the superior mode of transportation.   Many articles about bikes and cities with positive policies for bicyclists, with dedicated lanes, a bicycle manifesto, lots and lots of good bike stuff.  Here is my predicament: I do not bike either.  I could but I have a difficult time with the right pedal given the before-mentioned problem.  

    Will I be ostracized again for not biking?  What's a person to do who can mostly just walk and that's sometimes a challenge?  

    Write your suggestions and send them to me.  Or post them here.


  1. Walking is wonderful and so just keep on walking. Public Transportation is also good. I would prefer to walk and take public transportation. Time slows down a bit and one becomes more in tune with nature. I loved walking to the train and taking the train to the City for work. Being stuck on the Kennedy everyday is no fun! Unfortunately, the Chicago train system is not conducive for taking it out of the city for work.

    1. I'm trying to walk but this weather is not conducive. Thanks.