Thursday, February 13, 2014


The highlight of yesterday was the movie The Book Thief.  It's a sweet, sad, well-acted film.  The young actress is superb.  And Geoffrey Rush is fantastic.  After, I had a churro and David ate ice-cream.  We came home and watched WGN News again. 

Before the movie I went to the Biblioteca for another lecture from Eva Eliscu on The History of the Dining Table series.  She talked about The Kitchen, the Chef, the Restaurant.  Most of what she presented I knew already from my research on the history of food and the restaurant.  Some of the people she mentioned however I haven't read about yet, like Careme - the first Chef - and Escoffier.  The last half of the lecture was about present day famous chefs and restaurants. Those I know about. I live a few blocks from one of them. 

It was a quiet day for the most part, occupied by laundry and house cleaning.  Afterwards, we walked to the Russian bakery and enjoyed a slice of orange cake and a cup of cafe con leche.

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