Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Mixed feelings visit me this morning.  On one hand, I'm happy to be going home. I've missed my house, my "stuff", my husband of course, the tennis, TV shows, friends, everything that makes up what we call "home."  On the other hand, I've enjoyed the sunny, warm weather here every day and do not look forward to cold, snow, ice, wind.  I've learned quite a bit about the town, its people, and, most importantly, myself.  As I say when I teach travel writing - we learn mostly about ourselves when we travel, forced to be alone and left to our own devices.  

I've learned that three weeks is a good time-span for me to be away.  If David is with me, I can last longer.  I've learned that I can spend time by myself and enjoy it, although the evenings - what it's called "the blue hour" - can be a bit trying.  But when the sun sets for good and night arrives, I feel at peace again.  

Changing the landscape I see every day, the new sounds and the different smells, provide me with the energy and stimulation I need to write.  "Change is good."  I've learned that too and I'm glad I decided to come and stay in San Miguel for a month.  

Yesterday afternoon I attended a lecture on Modern Art: Mixed Media at La Biblioteca.  Unsure whether it would be worthwhile at first, I found the speaker and the material fascinating and enlightening.  The room was packed.  Next year (if I return) I'd like to give some lectures.  

For supper I returned to El Tomato for a juicy piece of steak and empanadas accompanied by a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, Argentine of course.  The young man who owns the restaurant gave me an alfajor de maizena as a parting gift.  

This morning the sky is partly cloudy.  Very unusual.  Claire has gone to the "Tuesday Market." I write and read Joe Brainard collection of "I Remember"s.  They've served me as inspiration to write my own.  Excellent idea.  All you writers out there - try it!