Saturday, April 5, 2014

RanDOm thOUGthS & quEStioNs

I just finished reading Redfield Farm, a novel about Quakers, the Underground Railroad, and the Civil War.  Engaging, easy to read, with lots of names of people who marry, have babies, and die.

When will Winter be over?  I'm tired of wearing coats and gloves and socks.

Life takes over. The blog is neglected.

I talk to people.  Strangers on the train, the bus, a cafe.  I talk to people holding maps on the street: do you need help? Where do you want to go?  It's a family thing.  

Last week I found an artist's portfolio on the "L".  No one paid attention to it.  No one wanted to touch it.  I took it, found a name inside, emailed the owner.  He was very grateful.  

Why are people afraid of each other?

I remember when women - young and old - walked arm in arm on the street.  

I remember when brides walked out of their homes to go to the church. We threw rice at them.

What is "Alice in Wonderland syndrome"?

I have fits of yawning.  Often. 

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