Friday, May 2, 2014


Journal writing is not about writing better; it’s about writing freely.  It requires the whole brain: the left brain – intellect, rationale, order, and the right brain – problem solving, intuition, creativity, emotion.  Both sides work together on the page. 

The journal is a place of centering, of stepping into a quiet world to focus on what’s within and what’s around.  Writing in a journal is not only a way to communicate with yourself and the world but also a way to keep a record.  And it’s a form of contemplation and examination.  Anchoring insights is another benefit of journaling. 

Journaling can help with personal growth and development by regularly recording your thoughts.  In this way you will gain insight into your behaviors and moods.  In addition, writing in a journal is an effective tool for use in the healing process.

Journaling forces you to crystallize your thoughts into written content, which simultaneously forces you to think deeper into the topic that is important to you. The most important fact is to get to the core and to stay honest with yourself. If you are truthful with yourself, you will get to the point where you see the next level of thought that you avoided so far, leading towards a solution.  We go to the gym to keep our body in shape.  We go to the doctor to clear problems.  Why not do the same with our mind and spirit by getting rid of the mental weight we accumulated over time? 

Self-Reflection is the method to do this and writing a journal is the path to that end.

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