Monday, August 18, 2014

THE SOURCE OF STORIES: Writing from your experience and imagination

So far, we've looked at where to find the stories, how to begin them, and how to tell them.  
Today we'll look at a few other important elements in crafting our stories.

1. Write in layers

An interesting story or essay needs more than one story line or thread.  It needs depth, resonance, transcendence.  Layers will give you that.

2. If you want to write genre fiction, study the genre.  Then, use it as a vehicle to explore what you want to communicate to your readers.
3. Integrate both lobes of your brain: the right and the left, the creative, artistic side with the rational, logical one.  

4. Plan the plan, not the outcome.  See where the writing takes you.  You can outline and plan ahead, but don't let that restrict you.  Let the story flow and tell you what it wants to be about.

In the next post, I will offer you a few exercises to find out what you can write and how to write. Another way of looking at writing stories and essays.  Stay tuned.

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