Wednesday, January 6, 2016

INVENTORY OF MY BODY at this point in my life

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Red toenails.

Damaged right big toenail from bumping toe on a step in Hydra in 1982: went black, fell out, new nail grew fungus and thick; had to go to Dr. Scholl every 6 months to clean and sand down; then used a fungoid tincture every day for a year and now it’s almost as good as new.

Bunion on left foot.

Right leg has a scar on the side from surgery for polio and another one on the knee from the cast.

Left knee has a torn ACL, so I need to wear a big-ass brace when I play tennis to prevent knee from collapsing.

Left leg has a scar from falling down the stairs at the Foster train stop in Evanston sometime in the late aughts: wound got infected; had to take antibiotics which ruined my colon with c.diff.

Lower back had a herniated disk in 2000: took steroids, did physical therapy; now it hurts when lifting heavy objects.







Blue fingernails.

Head has suffered migraines for many, many years. Now it has a very small aneurysm somewhere.

Thick lips.

Big brown eyes.

Thick eyebrows.

Teeth are pretty good now after half a life going to the dentist for repairs, root canals, gingivitis.

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