Monday, March 5, 2012


And the winner is:  Winds!  That's the first pick of the week.  There were over ten choices of topics or subjects to research and/or write.  Winds won Friday.  And so I began researching the names of winds.  I have been fascinated by the names of winds: Mistral, Sirocco, Pampero, Santa Ana, Zonda, to name a few.  There are about fifty different winds around the world.  Some have different names in different countries or areas.  Some winds may curl your hair.  Others may set your nerves on edge.  Yet others will soothe your soul with cooling breezes.  Then there is the whole mythology aspect of winds.  Greek mythology is filled with descriptions and tales of "the winds."  My research has just began and I'm already excited about where it may lead me.  If you have any good sources to read on winds or know about a particular wind's characteristics or just have a personal anecdote involving a wind, please leave your comment below.  I appreciate all the help I can get.

May the winds of peace and prosperity blow your way.  Til tomorrow.

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