Friday, May 25, 2012


In the land of Freud, Mahler, and Klimt, the streets are wide, very wide, and the buildings massive.  We arrive in the afternoon under sunny skies, take a taxi to Radetzkystrasse 15 to meet our landlords: Mani and his wife.  The apartment is small, clean, white, on the first floor.  There is no land-line phone: the Internet is our only access to the outside world.  And the router has problems but we manage. 

Mom takes a nap and I go out to explore the neighborhood.  There is a tiny urban beach nearby on one of the Danube's canals.  I see a bunch of people all crammed together on a small piece of land under red and white umbrellas.  Must learn how to navigate the streets, take the trams and trolleys, find bus tours so mom doesn't have to walk a lot. 

I return to the apartment to pick up mom and we go out on the No. 1 trolley that runs around on the Ringstrasse.  Coins ready to pay I find no way to do so.  The orange machine on the trolley doesn't work.  I pocket the coins and sit down, crossing my fingers that no one asks us for the tickets.  I'm sorry Vienna I rode for free.  On the way back however I do get to pay 2.20 euros each.  We have supper at Stein's sidewalk cafe.  Excellent meal!  Chicken escalope with potato/corn salad for me, baked potato with ham and zucchini for mom.  I'm so hungry I devour everything.  Plus a tall glass of beer. 

And back at the apartment the problems with the internet start.  I attempt everything I know but nothing works.  I call Mani who comes to help.  He's a very nice man.  Indeed.

Now I must go to sleep on the wide bed with mom.  Cross my fingers that I can sleep and rest.  I haven't slept very well the last few days.  Cross my fingers that I can sleep tonight and rest for tomorrow's museums and cafes and parks.  Vienna awaits me!  I can't miss her.

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