Thursday, May 24, 2012


Every morning the accordion player walks by under our windows, hoping for an Euro or two.  After he passes by, the truck with the loudspeaker buys old rags, iron, cardboard, whatever you have to sell.  A very loud loudspeaker.  When I stroll over to the square to withdraw cash from the ATM I see three African men selling bags and purses spread on the sidewalk.  In the streets, the trolleys, the number of Asians and Blacks is astounding compared to the past.  Even on television, the sitcoms and dramas show Black people.  It is somewhat peculiar to hear them speak Greek.  I suppose that means that they have entered the mainstream.  I had not seen that the last time I was here in 2006.  

In the evening I go to a gallery opening with Katerina and later to a cafe/bar called Magaze near Platia Eirene (St. Irene's Square which also means Peace).  A building from the 1830s stands on the other side abandoned, used to be a hotel but now it is empty.  There is a movement of Atenistas who want to reclaim the old buildings and teach the population about them. 

Tomorrow we fly to Vienna.  See you there!

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