Wednesday, June 6, 2012


What do they say about us in America?
How do you find Greece?
Could you live here?

If I heard these questions once, I heard them a million times.  What do I say?  The truth?  What do I know about they say in America?  Watch the news.  You know how Greece is: you live here.  I confess: I don't suffer fools.  I am sorry but I don't.

The farewells to relatives and neighbors drive me insane too.  My mother insists I must call or see every single person she knows.  Preferably, I have to go out to dinner with them or at least have a glass of wine.

When are you going to retire?
How much are you going to get?
Would you like to live here?

It seems that most people can't wait to retire so they can sit and sip coffee at  the cafeteria all day.  No.  I exaggerate.  Ok, ok.  Not everyone but certainly a large portion of men and women spend a considerable amount of time sitting at cafes sipping coffee and smoking.  To each his own I guess.

Tomorrow I fly home.  This has been a very informative trip.  I've learned several things that I don't want to share with the world at the moment.  Suffice it to say that I am better for it.  Even though it has been difficult at times while it was happening.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful trip. I want to share notes about Vienna and yes, I do want to hear about those things you learned that you are not ready to share.

    Have a good trip home.

  2. Thanks Myra. When do you want to get together?