Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From the "Union Pier" poems:

On this hot day a beach poem may refresh you --

Beach Day

A calm Lake Michigan
laps up its sweet waters on
the shore.  The sky clearly
blue and clean of clouds, I
surrender my body to the stunning
sun.  Stretching down on the sand I
spill down one shoulder at a time
along with each pelvic bone, first
the left side, then
the right.  I mold a hollow where
my back finds its place,
vigilant of sharp
pebbles, seashells, chunks of
green or brown glass, cigarette butts.  I
breathe deeply two
or three times to
unknot each nerve, loosen
tendons and muscles. Though shut,
my eyes know the sun’s
rays, their glow too robust for
my sheer eyelids, their heat penetrating
crevices and pores like
the slender threads of the surgeon, able
to patch together fragile membranes
with three or four swift stitches.  All
peacefully warm now, the loud
squawks of the gulls above
startle me out of my slumber.  I open
my eyes to see them delineating circles
and zigzags against the liquid sky,
catching a fish.  

Time to sit up and eat!

With one hand, I hold a ham and cheese
on whole wheat, with the other, shoo away
invisible flies.   Not a bother really, perhaps
a small nuisance.  What are minute insects
compared to this luxury, to these dazzling dreams I
inhabit daily, awake and certain. 
Hours later, the rain storm comes.    Bright
threads of lightning
illuminate the darkening sky and
the downpour surprises me on
my way back home.  Furious
and sudden, the rain falls
on the hot asphalt,
raising steam, the woods becoming
the foggy background of a horror movie.  This cooling 
rain, welcomed and short, as
it should always be.


  1. So Beach Day doesn't count as a Banio since I did not see that you actually went in the water. :) mk

    1. Absolutely not! Very observant of you.