Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From the "Union Pier" poems:

Small towns 

A squad of red-wing blackbirds
perched on wire fences squabbles
their short, harsh syllables.  Swallows
overhead chase insects.  Driving
through the back roads of small towns we
catch glimpses of abandoned gas
stations, rusting road restaurants, a self-
service vegetable stand:
Take your strawberries and leave the money in the basket. 
We trust you.

In South Haven, the soda fountain still
stands in the old department store dispensing
hot fudge sundaes and banana splits in clear
thick glass dishes, the aluminum stools covered
in red vinyl still spinning and swiveling, our legs
dangling way above the linoleum floor.   Life
is mostly slow here, mostly
good, but then --
life is always better
when you’re on vacation.  To the small harbor
we saunter after our sweet break.  A green
heron stands near the shore, unmoving, mulling
like a question, well-camouflaged among 
the deeply green weeds that stand up straight,
the cattails splitting their seams, grey shadows
drawing their cover over sailboats, the water,
the pier.  On the drive back I glimpse a llama
sitting in a field.  She’s far away
from her real home, I muse, and feel sorry for her.


  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing this, Beatriz

    1. Thank you for reading my blog.

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  2. Beatriz, you have really captured small town America. Very nice. myra

    1. yes, you have. You know there is a small breakfast joint in Logan Square, next door to Lulas with stools that swirl covered in red vinyl. (Owned by Greeks, who do the cooking, serving and provide conversation.) mk

    2. I know. I've seen it but never went in. Have you?

    3. Owen and I were there a couple of years ago. It was a throwback to a different decade and we really liked it!. We have been going to Logan Square every Sunday for the past couple of months for their great farmer's market and always think about getting breakfast there, but haven't yet. We will though. The Logan Square Farmer's Market has become our new Sunday religion. We love it. mk

    4. Maybe next Sunday we can join you and get breakfast at the diner.

    5. We are going to Vancouver and will miss the next two Sundays...maybe the 26th of August. mk