Thursday, September 13, 2012


Going to a movie in the morning seems the height of decadence but that's what TIFF wants you to do, so we do:  "Disconnect" at noon (OK, not morning, but almost).  Bill Horberg is the producer of the film (Marguerite's brother): excellent and scary - all about the world of the Internet and how screwed we are with it.  Or can be if we're not careful.  Jason Bateman and Hope Davis are some of the actors in it.  The others, not so well-known, at least by me.  Recommend it. 

Before the movie we grab a quick breakfast of crepes on Yonge Street next to a club that advertises on its marquis: "Back to school lap dances special."  Question: are the lap dances for the students or the teachers?  or both?  What a country!

The theatre is filled to the brim.  Quandary: either the unemployment rate in Toronto is very high or everyone takes vacation these two weeks.  Answers welcome. 

Lunch is at an Irish pub seating in the sun and then a walk back to the hotel to lie down for a little while before heading back to the same cinema for another film.  This time David stays in the hotel because he's bidding in an auction and "must get these posters."  So I go with my friend Ewa who lives in Toronto, has been here for 10 years.  We were classmates in graduate school and became good friends. 

I arrive at quarter to 5 for a 6 o'clock showing and must stand in line way back.  One of the few drawbacks to TIFF:  standing in line for one or two hours before the movie starts.  My back hurts.  My feet ache.  I am bored.  Should bring a book.

Film: "Smashed" - about a young functioning alcoholic teacher with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Octavia Spencer.  Very good production. After we walk out and must wait because actors are coming out of the theater and no one can pass by.  We see Spencer and Winstead.  Small red carpet though.

David joins us for supper at Donatello - Italian restaurant - where we sit on the terrace and sip martinis.  The night is glorious and my feet and back are grateful for a rest. 

Tomorrow the line up starts later.  We'll go sightseeing "to an ethnic neighborhood" says David.

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