Sunday, January 20, 2013


Sunny morning again.  And I have to go back to the cold, the insane cold, I'm staying put, that's it. 

Lincoln Road was loads of fun yesterday.  Love to sit at one of the restaurants and just watch humanity go by.  Such a different humanity down here!  Lots of tall women, blonde women, handsome men, and everything in between.  Lots of dogs too, mostly small dogs.  Lots of very high heels.  Maybe that's why the women looked tall...

This morning I sip my coffee out on the front terrace and let the sun kiss me warmly, hoping to take some of it with me to Chicago.  Later we'll have breakfast at Georgios and then the airport.  I certainly hope there are no delays like on the way here.

I'll miss Betty and Jon and the ocean and the cooing doves outside my door.  I'll miss the walks on the Broadwalk and the sand between my toes.  This was a much needed break from real life.  Will be back next year Hollywood!  See you then!

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  1. ...welcome back and yes it is sooooooo very, very cold in Chicago.