Monday, January 21, 2013

CHANGE: a writing guide

Change makes you anew, keeps you going.  When I lived in a studio apartment with a few pieces of furniture I used to change them around the one room every six months or so.  It was like moving to a new home.  This morning I moved the table and desk in my studio and now the computer sits in front of the double glass doors facing rooftops, skyline, and L tracks.  A whole new view!  A new place to write and read.  

Change your writing place every now and then.  Go out to a cafe and sit by the window and look out.  And write.  If weather permits, go to a park and sit on a bench or on the grass and look around, smell the leaves and flowers, listen to the birds or the children running or the dogs barking.  And write.  The new sensory input will stimulate your imagination.  It will give new impetus to your creativity.  Rearrange the furniture in your writing room to look at different vistas.

Nothing stays the same.  Change is everything.  And everything changes, whether we like it or not.    Sometimes it's difficult to accept it.  Sometimes we want everything to stay the same.  But that's impossible.  Accept change, embrace it, use it.  Write about it.

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