Thursday, January 17, 2013


Have I mentioned the noise across the street?  Starts about 7:30 in the morning and goes on and off all day.  They're retiling the patio in the building on the other side of Hayes St., a few feet away from our bedroom window.  It's loud, sharp, painful to the ears.  But not as bad as the noise next door from the apartment we stayed in once in Buenos Aires.  They were ripping the walls with hammers.  It sounded like it was right inside our own kitchen, inside my own head.  A nightmare!  We complained and they took a few days off but then returned.  Noises seem to follow me around.  At home the Metropolitan Water District is installing new pipes.  They drill endlessly, they pound.  I hope they're finished by the time we return home.

I like mangrove swamps.  We took two walks today at the Ann Kolbe Nature Center looking for birds.  Where did they go?  The trees were empty of birds, the waterways, the sky.  Saw a couple of ibises, a great blue heron, an egret.  Some warblers.  In other words, no birds to speak of.  But the ambling among mangrove trees brought some kind of peace to my spirit.  But the best part of the day - so far - was the beach.  The warm sun on my skin, the waves, sand between my toes.  That's why I came.  The ocean, the sea, even a big lake are my favorites. 

We play Qwirkle and Scrabble in the late afternoon in the courtyard, have pastries and cocktails.  Soon we'll go to dinner.  I think of the cold in Chicago and want to stay here.  But life awaits me.  Teaching and writing and tennis and friends in Chicago

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