Thursday, January 17, 2013


Rain last night and today on and off.  Good thing I went to the beach the previous days.  I took my first walk on the Broadwalk this morning.  By the time I walked back it started to drizzle; I saw a lot of people on the beach and wondered why they were still on the sand.  A second later a mass exodus took place.  I had to run not to get wet. 

What to do when it rains?  Went to see a movie: "Zero Dark Thirty."  Not bad.  Provocative.  I have lots of questions now that I'd like to research on the internet but I'm afraid to enter some words or names, lest they come for me.  You never know who is reading what you write or listening to your phone conversations.

It is cool tonight.  Supper at a huge seafood place.  And I think one of the fun pleasures of being in Florida is watching WGN News and the temperature in Chicago.  It is actually kind of surrealistic to watch Chicago news and weather and whatnot.  Why would anyone watch WGN if they don't live in Chicago? 

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