Sunday, February 17, 2013


Sunday night.  Tomorrow we move from our "casita" to a hotel for the rest of our time in San Miguel.  All in all, it was a good experience: plenty of writers to talk to and learn from in lectures and talks.  A great class and a few contacts for the future.  An individual consultation with a Swedish woman who is writing an article about South Africa and wanted my advice.  Beautiful surroundings at the hotel and fun "fiestas" in the evenings.  Most importantly, some good ideas for writing.  Ideas I'm very excited about.

On the minus side - no book sales and some minor inconveniences.  Plus David spilled tequila on my laptop, so now I find myself writing this on the iPad.  Not easy.  

This morning, while in a workshop, the cell phone rings.  It's mom.  The woman in front of me shushes me, I am flustered, I say "cannot talk now" and hung up.  Later I try to call her back but I can't connect, spend a couple of hours attempting to call Greece from my cell phone with no luck.  I am frustrated.  I am anxious and angry.  Finally I connect with my cousin and relay a message for mom.  She has a knack for calling at the most inopportune times.  

This year was very different for me.  Very different: few friends at the conference, fewer classes, altitude issues.  Tomorrow I'd like to go to the library and to shop for shoes.  Anyone interested in a pair?


  1. I would love another pair of San Miguel shoes. They are so comfortable and I love my first pair.

    No more tequila for David. mk