Monday, July 15, 2013


Open-air cinemas are such a delight!  Athens is one of the few cities that still boasts of these. Sitting under the blue sky that slowly becomes dark, smelling the jasmine, (and sometimes the cigarette smoke), while watching a film is an unusual activity.  You can also eat and drink while in the cinema and even check your cell phone.  Last night Maria and I went to see "The Company You Keep," the film produced by Robert Redford.  Entertaining.  Then we walked to find a "taverna" to eat something and found a small one, empty at 11 pm.  At midnight we took the trolley home.  

Last week Katerina, mom and I went to see "Before Midnight."  Nice movie, great open-air cinema.  I want to take David to one of these when he comes.  

Did anyone see either of these movies?  I'll wait for comments.

It is hot these days in Athens.  I find it difficult to be out and about in the middle of the day.  It's better to go out after the sun sets.  Today I'm going to the National Archaelogical Museum later. It stays open til 7 pm.  Or so says the website.

Life is slow, monotonous, easy.  We eat lunch at 1 or 2 pm.  We take a nap.  Then we can go out or watch television.  I rather go out.  


  1. Sounds wonderful! Both of those movies interest me, but I haven't seen either one yet.

  2. Haven't seen either movie. Love lazy sunny days...are you counting bania?

    1. Bania? Right. Not yet for me. I hope to have some.