Thursday, July 18, 2013

BACK IN THE TRENCHES: Second week ending

The German minister of finance (or economics) came to town and all the streets were closed to traffic and pedestrians in a large area.  If it's not the demonstrators, it's some visitor: can't go to Syntagma or Zapion or anywhere downtown.  What a pain!

I've seen three movies so far since I came in open air cinemas.  The last one was "Now you see me."  Very entertaining.  And the fragrance of jasmine was intoxicating.

Yesterday I saw my old friend Evelyn who lives here now.  She took me to Aegli - a cafe in the gardens of Zapion.  Lovely, quiet, refreshing.  We talked for a long time about our presents, about people from the past, her children, my grandchildren.

Every morning we go out for coffee with mom and sometimes her friend.  Then we have lunch late and take a nap.  What a life!  I'm kinda losing my mind.  But I'm holding on.  The television is always on.  Can't think straight.  

David comes Sunday.  It will be a shock for him.  I know.  I hope he doesn't get too upset with the chaos.  I look forward to Sifnos.  It better be nice or else...


  1. Coffee, lunch, naps...sounds inviting.

    The streets were closed because of potenital demonstrations?