Thursday, July 11, 2013


Today is my last day at Hotel Titania; tomorrow I go to my mother's apartment.  It has been wonderful to have my own room and to be able to relax.  The conference ended today.  Yesterday we spent the day cruising three islands: Hydra, Poros, and Aegina.  Not much time spent on any but the sea air was refreshing.  I enjoyed my two new friends Marisa and Sally as well.  

The highlight of the cruise was going to Hydra after 30 years.  It has changed!  I remember it quieter, cooler, but then I was there in September through November.  Sandra and I had a good time writing, having parties, drinking, meeting young men, dancing.  We both immortalized our stay in poems.  In the evening I had a fabulous dinner at the rooftop restaurant of the hotel with a view of the Acropolis and the entire city.  A cold beer and some pasta restored my body and mind from the sun and sea and wind.  If you come to Athens be sure to see the Olive Garden restaurant atop the Titania Hotel.  

Monday night's dinner offered me the opportunity to dance and become a bit famous for fifteen minutes.  Everyone was surprised I could dance Greek dances because they didn't know me.  The next days they came up to me and congratulated me and inquired as to the reason I could do that.  Funny.  Tuesday's dinner was more subdued.

The conference papers ranged from interesting and creative to difficult to understand.  The best part was meeting people from all over the world and seeing how the work of literary analysis and criticism is the same.  

Tonight I'll go to a bar where Katerina is playing music (she's a dj).  I'll see Samantha and a few other friends of hers I know.  Late nights are trying on my body but I'll make the best of it.

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