Monday, July 8, 2013

HERE I AM...Day 4

I managed to get up at 7 this morning even though I couldn't sleep last night.  Time difference? Go figure.  

A shower, a quick breakfast, registration and I'm in the conference room, sitting and waiting.  Welcome remarks, instructions, first panel.  Somewhat interesting. Break time. Second panel. Not comprehensible.  Why?  Most presenters have heavy accents.  And I mean heavy.  Yet some people manage to ask questions.  Lunch.  My room.

Where I promptly fall asleep and almost miss my own panel.

Geez...what's wrong with me?  I'm not myself, I'm out of sorts, I'm sleepy.  I wake up and need a minute to figure out where I am.  Look at the time.  Fifteen minutes before four: the time of my panel. Run upstairs to the conference room, grab a glass of water, sit.  My head is fuzzy.  Fortunately there is one paper before mine and I gather my thoughts, regain my consciousness.  

Read my paper but must shorten.  Fifteen minutes are not enough.  I finish, sit, breathe.

Some of this morning's audience has bailed.  Shoot!  Not happy.  After all papers are delivered questions.  None for me.  Crap!  No matter.  I come to the lobby brasserie to think, to write, to drink coffee.  Later we'll go to the Greek night dinner.

Miss David whose birthday is today.  Anxious about staying at mom's after Friday.  Need to find joy.  

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  1. Happy belated Birthday to David. Isn't joy in your pocket...take a look...