Monday, July 1, 2013


     Half of this year is gone already.  Can you believe it?  Time seems to move faster when you get old.  Or older.  

     This half year has been difficult to navigate.  Anxiety levels have been high some days.  Life has proven challenging, yet - we go on.  We struggle and push ahead and eventually come out on the other side, scarred perhaps but successful.

     Happy month to all!  Good summer to all!  In a few days I'll be flying to Greece and will post every day as I like to do when I travel.  It keeps me sane.  It gives me a purpose.  It brings me close to all of you.  

     This will be a longer than usual journey.  I have misgivings but have decided to embrace it, enjoy it, learn from it, create, meditate, be productive.  

     Your responses, your comments, your thoughts will be welcome.  I will cherish reading what you have to say, anything, everything.  Please reply when you can.  Or just write me and tell me about your life.  

     Love to all of you, readers, friends.

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