Saturday, July 6, 2013


First full day in Athens starts at a tiny cafe called Velvet on a side street off the big Panepistimiou Avenue where Titania Hotel is located.  Why this cafe?  There is WiFi.  Free.  So, here I am, reporting.

Uncharacteristically quiet out this Saturday.  I sit on the sidewalk and hear the few men around me talk.  I inhale their smoke.  I sip my filter coffee.  The white clouds dim the sun.  A breeze blows.  A woman arrives to sit with a couple of men.

I'm still not quite here in my own head.  Haven't settled.  Still sleep-deprived.

A loudspeaker truck drives by announcing "cleaning services".  These trucks are so ubiquitous in other countries.  I wonder why not in Chicago.

Later I'll meet Maria for a talk, and the to the movies with mom and cousin.  Open air cinema.  I'm curious about that.

Tomorrow to Nea Makri with family.  Perhaps I'll get to take a dip in the sea.

Monday starts the conference.

(The smoke asphyxiates me.)

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