Wednesday, December 11, 2013


When it's cold, very, very cold, what can you do to pass the time?  Why not write? 

These are some of the workshops I offer.  You can do them one-on-one or in a group. Why not give yourself or a loved one a gift workshop for the holidays?  

Send me a note and let me know what you want to do.  Fees are very reasonable.

Workshop #01
Title:  SEE THE WORLD; WRITE THE STORY: Crafting the travel essay
Summary:  Participants will work through the process of writing a travel essay step-by-step, from the lead paragraph to attract readers to the relevant conclusions.  A list of writing exercises to assist you in working at home will be provided as well as a bibliography of relevant works.

Workshop #02
Title:  I WRITE; THEREFORE, I AM: The personal/memoir essay
Summary:  This workshop is designed for the beginning memoir or personal essay writer who may not be aware of the possibilities and who will draw from his/her personal experience. 

Workshop #03
Title: CRAFTING STORIES FROM REAL LIFE: The nonfiction essay
Summary: Create stories that read like fiction but are based on real life.  Learn how to write a gripping opening sentence, how to use dialogue and bring characters alive, how to incorporate research to add depth to your writing, and many other techniques of successful and interesting creative nonfiction writing.    

Workshop #04
Title: SHORT-SHORTS: The art of minimalist writing

Summary: Short-shorts or flash fiction is a short form of storytelling.  Defining it by the number of words or sentences or even pages required to tell a story, however, is impossible, for it differs from writer to writer, editor to editor.  It can be fiction or nonfiction, personal or created.   

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