Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Sneak preview of some of the points that will be made this Saturday at the workshop on journaling:

Most important guideline:

RELAX:  don't fret over what you're writing or drawing or doodling.  The point is to let your mind go and your hand move; the rest will happen if you allow yourself to let it happen.  The best ideas come when you least expect it.  And remember that it doesn't matter what you write, no one has to see it.  It's just for you.  You can keep it or not.  Just do it (pardon the cliche).

How to get started:

WRITE ABOUT WHERE YOU ARE IN YOUR LIFE AT THIS MOMENT:  describe in a stream-of-consciousness mode your living situation, your work, your relationships, your dreams, your fears.  Don't stop to correct or edit.  Don't censor your thoughts.

Benefits of journal writing:

MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS (and physical too):  regular journal writing offers you a cathartic release for the stresses of daily life.  And you know how stress is one of the key causes of illness and disease.  It is important to write not only what you feel about a stressful event but also what you think, telling your personal story.  Don't dwell on the emotions; use them as a springboard to the narrative of the event.

Visual journaling:

WORKING WITH A CIRCLE:  trace or draw a circle on the page of your journal and create images within the circle and outside.  These can be representational or abstract or both.  If you are journaling in the morning, recall a dream and draw the main elements.  If you prefer to journal in the evening, draw the best part of that day in the circle.  You can also write on the side about the experience.

SATURDAY JUNE 14 from 1 to 5 pm
THE NEWBERRY LIBRARY, 60 West Walton, Chicago

TO REGISTER GO TO: http://www.newberry.org

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