Thursday, June 4, 2015


Walking is an excellent antidote to boredom, obesity, the simple annoyances  of daily life.

This morning I embarked on my first power walk in Athens.  Armed with my iPod and water, I went left from the front door (usually we go right to the trolley stop or the shops).  Soon I was immersed in a mess of cars, buildings, broken sidewalks. But I persevered. Avoiding being run over by motorcycles I made my way to a park.  Success I thought. Yet, not so good.

The park must've been built on a ridge because it is all steps and up hills (or down hills), no grass but clay; trees however abound.  I went up and down for a little while.  Soon I found myself back on the streets, so I returned the way I had come and walked around and around St. Lazarus Square.  Populated by cafes on all sides, I walked a few times around, trying not to run into the mostly-older people sitting and sipping coffee.  Finally I gave in and sat down myself. It was getting too warm.

This afternoon I went to a meeting and then walked on a pedestrian mall for a while before sitting down again to sip cold coffee and read. It was fairly pleasant. Then I walked down a very wide, busy avenue with no real destination. My feet warm and achy I decided to return home.

I wish there were wide, flat areas to do my power walk. I suppose the ups and downs are good aerobically speaking but...

Back home I felt animated, lighter. It helped that the last song I heard on my iPod was "Don't worry, be happy." 

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