Monday, April 18, 2016


Continuing with my "what should I write about", here is the volunteer work I've been doing since November:

I am a liner (phone volunteer) for the National Runaway Safeline, a national agency to assist youth in crisis. The training was long and exhaustive, the longest training of any agency like this I was told: forty classroom hours plus three listen-ins plus two supervision. Finally in November of last year I started working. And I loved it. And still do.

We answer phones and also do live-chats, emails and forums. For the first time I realized how many young people are going through crises: running away from unsafe environments, being thrown out of their homes, being abused, needing comfort and support. I have learned so much and not only about others, but about myself. Helping others is so rewarding. And eye-opening.

I recommend that everyone volunteer somewhere, somehow. There is nothing like it.

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