Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Continuing with my "what should I write about" series, movies I've seen recently:

1. Trumbo - I liked it. I don't think it got enough play and I don't remember anything in the Oscars. I love all that has to do with that period of U.S. history. Such a shameful time! And yet, so exciting. Cranston was good as Trumbo and Helen Mirren - evil. But good.

2. Eye in the Sky - another movie with Helen Mirren. She must be really busy these days. I didn't want to go see it but David talked me into it. It was better than I expected but also kind of a shameful situation. I loathe those drones and the innocent people they kill. How can anyone approve of such acts? Completely evil. If you want to confront your enemy, do it in person. Don't send a little robot to kill them anonymously.

3. Mad Dogs - not a movie but a series on Amazon. Weird. Brutal. Just strange but addictive. Good actors. Has anyone else watched it?

More later...

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